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Links for Energy is an independent consulting and management company for the energy sector

Project Management  


  Client embarks on major and complex project. Since it concerns a one-off project, client has no in-house qualified management

Links for Energy approach

  Links for Energy Project Manager takes on the project. Traditional structures need to be replaced by highly organic, fast response ones, to achieve project objectives of time, cost, functional performance and integrity.

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities to meet the requirements of a particular project.

At Links for Energy we strive to be an extension of our customers' project team. We want to be known as a company looking out for our customers' and the projects' best interest.

Links for Energy can provide the support you need to optimize the performance and success of your development project. Our expertise will ferret out every opportunity to achieve your targets, to get your installations up-and-running, and to manage a smooth handover to your production staff.



Also in the area of Distribution - be it Marketing, Logistics or Sales - Links for Energy can help you define and implement new or improved strategies.

For example, in the area of Marketing, whether it concerns the launch of a new brand, the choice and launch of a new corporate image, the preparation of Marketing Plans, our staff can help you carry out (large) Marketing projects. Our staff has experience in Marketing of both industrial and consumer products.

In brief,....

The Links for Energy staff have actually worked out there in major energy companies themselves, they have run large projects, know what it takes and therefore can be your partner in reaching the specific goals of a major project for your company.

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