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Links for Energy is an independent consulting and management company for the energy sector





  Client wants to assess his project, his branch or his business strategy in the energy sector

 Links for Energy approach

  Understand the client needs, elaborate a specific execution plan, identifying objectives,milestones, critical paths and issues, resources, etc., to enable the delivery of actionable recommendations.

The energy sector is living challenging times. The increasing demand for oil & gas, as well as electricity - boosted by the rapid growth of emerging economies - the concern about the implications of this growth for the environment, the geo-political strategies of various countries create a need for enhanced technical and economical analysis by energy companies.

Links for Energy can provide you with a fresh outlook, in-depth analysis, and actionable recommendations based on many years of experience.

Links for Energy can offer you the benefit of hands-on experience in:

  Exploration & Production


  Trading and Distribution

  Renewable energy: biomass, solar, wind and wave energy, as well as biofuels, like bio-ethanol and biodiesel.



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