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Links for Energy is an independent consulting and management company for the energy sector

Business Development  


  Client wants to develop a new business or expand its activities in the energy sector

Links for Energy approach

  Identify region, countries, areas, companies, business partners, establish the professional contacts, present the actual business opportunities and support our client during negotiations

The energy sector is undergoing profound changes. The energy distribution and production sector that used to be state-owned in many countries is adapting to more open and liberalized markets, which makes many companies take a fresh look at the way they run their business. Quite a few companies in this sector are considering backward integration, i.e. actually take equity positions in oil and gas.

Links for Energy can help energy companies identify and evaluate the different options to take these steps. We give you more than maps indicating the oil and gas fields. We go out there, talk to the parties and initiate (and conduct) the negotiation process with you.

Preparing the New Business Strategy

For an electricity company contemplating to venture into Gas Exploration & Production, we proposed a project encompassing the following steps:

  1. Together with Client, define basic supply scenarios and objectives, including a SWOT analysis, legal and regulatory frame, and main competitor's strategies.
  2. Definition of strategic regions and countries. Screening of existing proven reserves developed and non-developed.
  3. Identification of fields, projects, equity holders, operators and business networking.
  4. Preliminary evaluation of reserves, equity availability and potential business plan.

This last step might also include - if client so wishes - advice on how to obtain the most appropriate funding and banking partners to finance a new business activity.

The above is just an example, so depending on your specific needs and wishes re, new business development we will define the goals of the project in cooperation with you and specify the steps in the project.

Identifying Acquisition candidates

Links for Energy assists with exploitation opportunities on newly acquired properties as well as the identification of potential acquisition candidates consistent with the company's existing exploration and development strategy.

Lastly, we also carry out feasibility studies for clients, i.e. when client is considering a proposed new development project we carry out a detailed investigation and analysis of this proposed development project to determine whether it is viable technically and economically.

What makes us different from other consultants is the wide range of countries, industries and personal contacts therein that we can offer.

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